The Food Market

Here a nice picture of the fish mongers with their rubber boots and their pails of live fish. You can hear the fish flopping around in the bag as the customer takes it home for dinner. There was an egg lady there that had all kinds of eggs from chicken to duck and ostrich to quail. We'd have washed them in America. What's the sense of wasting a bag when you can just carry Mr. Duck home on a string. There is no better photo than the red of freshly ground peppers, fresh garlic and ginger. These 3 people at the corner booth are peeling the garlic and shooting the breeze.


MicrontheCat said…
Tony, the eggs are actually better if they don't get washed until the time you're about to use them. In the process of being laid, the bird's body coats the egg with a thin film called the cuticle. This keeps out bacteria and helps the egg stay fresher longer. Storebought eggs have had this washed off, of course, and so will go bad before a farm-fresh egg will do. :)


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