Spectacles, testicles, wallet and watch

It is time to move out of our apartment and hit the road for travels throughout China. I checked everything twice to see if I had everything I absolutely need. I can’t go anywhere without my spectacles and I just might need some money from my wallet. I bought these two Chinese working hats and now I have to see if I can get them home. The trip to Xi an was a long grueling one with a start on a 5 hour bus ride in a 14 passenger van. That would be ok except we all had 3 months worth of luggage and collected gifts. We than got on the hard sleeper train that had us 6 to a cubicle that had bunks 3 high on each side. The younger ones got stuck with the upper births. This required acrobatic maneuvers to get yourself into bed. This was 20 hours of being packed together like sardines. The food on the train didn’t look too healthy so we opted for the noodles in a cardboard box, beer, water, and tangarines. I don’t think John slept all that well as he is a big man for these small spaces and he was about a foot away from a guy that sleeps like a well oiled lumber truck. While we’re were standing in the aisles he caught some shut eye.


John said…
The gruff and ruff Canadian woodsman look reminds me of a certain extinct clay magazine, and small photo of a young potter in the header of a new column that was soon to take the clay community by storm. If you feel younger over there, it's probably the air...eh?

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