The North Pole

I left the fake Santa's in the 798 Art District of Bejing to begin my looooooooong trip to my home in the real North Pole. I was greated with a super size package of bum wipe by Sheila. I guess she knows who is really full of shit. I was welcomed home to a dead battery in the car and a major snow storm. This is my real life and it feels good to be home. We have a good supply of wood, so the house is warm, there is lots of wine and groceries, so life is good. I had a chance yesterday to look at my blog for the first time since I left for China. The Great Firewall of China kept me from seeing your comments and looking at the blog except in preview mode. For all of you that wrote notes to me thanx a bunch. They are sweet, considerate and I wish I could have read them while in China. I would have replied to y'all but now there are just too many to tackle. My life now will be boring to most so the blog is on hold until something else comes along. I owe a bunch to John Neely for taking me to China kicking and screaming. It has been one hellava ride and a life changing experience. If you ever need a presenter on "what we have to be thankful for" I'm your man.
Thank you all for sharing this amazing time with me.
All the best,


Anonymous said…

We all enjoyed your adventures in China so much.

I especially loved your writings and the photos to see are an absolute bonus.

Please continue your local happenings as they are an experience many of us never have. LIKE SNOW!! Brrrrrrr

Thank you thank you thank you

P.S. Your latest work is evolving into more sculptural which I personally like a lot.

Just keep writing, too.
Tony, I loved your blog and am sorry you are home--not really, I know Shelia needs you there with her. Boy, what a champ she has been to let you go and set you up to share your trip with all of us. The tour of China was a real treat for me and Jim and my oldest son, Chris, who has his tickets for his first visit to China next March. Welcome home! Fondly, Gay
jordanmcd said…
thanks for sharing and welcome back.
so happy to see your smiling face enjoying the canadian climate.
i'm experiencing that same storm right now out east, the wind is shaking our old building.

happy to see you're home, safe and warm. i hope you have a wonderful holiday.

thanks again,

i'm going to try and make one of those bike spoke trimming tools. so ingenious!
Anonymous said…
Welcome Back Gramps! Great read about your experiences, great influence on your work as well, (which was always great). Great to see you looking so fit, time to enjoy the family, Merry Christmas, and a fantastic New Year.

steve the potter said…
Ttttony,welcome home eh! Thanks so much for the blog and thanks Shelia for sending me the info.

What a trip! Look forward to seeing your new work.
Anonymous said…

I have really enjoyed your blog with your trip to China. Thank you so much for sharing. I think you were the perfect tour guide for inquiring potters.

Please continue to update us all on your work once you get out from under that snow and China lag.

Thanks must have had a great trip...

Anonymous said…
Great Blog, welcome home.

I think you will find that the trip will be a fond memory for a long time. Visiting China was like that for me (there in 1999 and 2006).

Living in another country is a great way to appreciate that country and your home.

Best wishes and thanks again for taking us on the trip of a life time with you.

Rick Mahaffey
Earl said…
Yeah, Tony, it was a real treat to follow your experiences in China! Thaks for going to all of that work for us!
JosieJurczenia said…
Thank you so much for taking us along on your adventure. I looked forward to reading your posts everyday. You have a great eye. I am hoping you'll be inspired to continue to blog now that you're home...your life couldn't be that boring! I'll keep checking. Thanks again.

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