Back to School

I'm back at the most creative spot I know of- Sheridan College. My job for the next 7 weeks is to teach the students to make mugs, bowls and plates. I start every class with a showing of pots from my collection or the ceramics studio. We have a discussion of what we like about them and what we are going to be doing today. I love books and I love to read to the students so there is always a reading. Entering the ceramics studio you walk thru the hall of shame which consists of wall after wall of clay shoes that each 1st year student has made of their own shoe. Here is a picture of my class. what is so fantastic about teaching in Toronto is that it is a melting pot of people- Iran, Taiwan, Sicily, Korea, Turkey you name it and there is a student from that part of the world. I have students that are graphic artists, veterinarians, accountants etc, etc. Clay is free for my class so I make them throw several tonnes of clay in the next couple of months.


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