Heavy Metal

I'm not a fan of heavy metal music but I do dig metal flowers. They are my specialty and the reference for the glazes I'm attempting. The beauty of my metal flowers is the low maintenance and I think the colours are superb.
I was thrilled to get my glazes out today and find that the rutile variation is almost that of my Shasta daisy. The front row is the the dry ash glaze using EPK and the back row using Grolleg kaolin. A nice subtle variation in colour.
What you're looking at is 2 glazes, 7 oxides with 6 progressions in percentage, on a stoneware clay half dipped in white slip with 4 oxide trailings of iron, cobalt, rutile and copper. That means you have almost 1000 bits of information.
This is an ash glaze so they are a bit lumpy. Now that I have shot the shotgun I can zero in with a rifle on one and screen a 500 gram batch to try on a cup or small bowl.
I'm excited!


Anonymous said…
those colors remind me of a certain tea bowl.....
Each post gives me more information for my own tests! Thanks.
IMO, how the glaze feels on a box is almost as important as how it looks....

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