So? I have good reasons!

I'm not getting the wood kiln loaded and I have good reasons. Today I had some unexpected guests drop in for a brunch at the local cafe. Potter/artist Shane Norrie dropped in with friends. They were in search of the perfect bottle of wine. Shane does a great job of marketing his work and his blog is a worthwhile read for those interested in watching how he is cleverly carving out a career as one that walks the walk.
In the late afternoon my daughter Robin dropped in and we had a drink and I dug some potatoes for fries and some beer battered haddock. Sheila, Robin and I talked for 5 hours solid. All the worlds problems are now solved.
Another picture from the other Robin- Sir Robin Hopper indicates that he has ingested some barium, strontium or some other toxic substance in the glaze lab and has developed some great colour. If only he would read Clayart he would know that these are now banned substances in the world according to others.


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