Dining on Crow

It's January in Canada for heavens sake and it's 8 degrees C, gray and pissing rain. Nobody is out on the roads and our showroom has been a ghost town. Really hasn't been much traffic since Christmas. People's credit cards are still smokin' and this weather is just down right depressing.
We'd be dining on crow if it weren't for my teaching at Sheridan and guinea pigs. Yes, guinea pigs have saved the month. Last year when I was away at USU Sheila took a good sized order to make presents for the Guinea Pig Convention held near here. Well she did such a good job we got it again so we've stopped the play and are making creams and sugars, little jugs and wine cups, small bowls and plates and stuff we don't usually make. It's a nice order and easy work for the two of us. I prefer pig to crow!


Linda Starr said…
Guinea pig convention? what a hoot.
cav said…
Heh Tony

I did the guinea pig convention too.several years ago 5 or 6 .they were called cavies I think which is kind of ironic don't you think?? It was a nice little chunk of change. They even wanted to hold it here , but I couldn't imagine 300+ little piggies running around!!

Enjoy catching up with your blog

Luv all the Smiths!

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