Fully blown pottery business

It's Canada and it snows here! I made a decision some years ago that we needed a snow blower to keep our parking lot at the pottery fully blown and accessible. If they can't drive in your driveway they can't buy pots. If they don't buy pots then I can't drink wine, I mean eat!
Here is my little secret weapon my Honda snow blower. This was the first day this year I had to use it and it started like a charm. When I bought it the salesman told me someone would steal it before the day it wouldn't start on one pull. Hopper is probably giggling like a child seeing all this Ontario snow that he moved away from some 30 years ago. Well he'll be eating crow when he sees this pic of my flowers still in bloom. Aren't they lovely?
Talked with my old buddy Frankie Tucker today about my warehouse workshop at his place. He already has 20 signed up and it ain't been advertised yet. Three cheers for the local boy. Frank and I have been friends for over 3 decades. For a great day of pots. lies, lies and more lies click here http://www.tuckerspottery.com/tkps/index.php


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