It has always amazed me

It always amazes me when I visit other artists houses and they are surrounded by their own work. They offer up reasons like they want to see if their work functions or they need to see what works and what doesn't. Horse do-do! I believe you should surround yourself with a visual smorgasbord of creativity of other artists whose work you enjoy. I took a few pics from our living room and kitchen. I didn't by any means take every corner of these rooms and didn't do our bedrooms, hallways, our collection in cupboards and the attic. I like when potters visit as their eyes never rest from looking at interesting objects. We also have a love of folk art and old painted furniture.


This post struck a chord with me -- it reminded me of a conversation I had with an artist while visiting England -- a watercolor artist. Not so much noticing other artists surrounding themselves with their own work, but the sense of enjoyment that we both got living with the art of other artists (functional and decorative). I still have the small painting of hers that was my "souvenir" from that trip prominently displayed and often think about visiting with her in her home when I look at it.

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