Life offers you a bowl of lemons

If the teacher presents ya with a bowl of lemons make lemon juice out of it!
When I teach throwing at the beginning of September I usually start by giving every student in the class a fresh lemon. They are asked to bring the lemon back to class the next day in the form of a cup. The results are always amazing!!! They use thumb tacks for decoration, turn the lemon inside out and line with orange or limes, they use parts from the hardware store, they cut them and freeze them, they stitch and sew them, they use wire and the creativity goes on and on. Here you have a room full of creative people that can’t get the clay and the wheel to do what is in their minds eye. They must learn how to use the wheel and it will take time. I make a contest of it and have prizes that I have scrounged from Nceca and clay suppliers. Lana Fillapone was one of the students that made a fantastic lemon cup. She is now graduating from 3rd year and her love of the cup remains. Here are some of Lana’s cups and saucers in a tea set.


gz said…
What is needed is for each to retain that spark of life, sense of humour and that little something extra that is themselves,when they get into the World Outside.

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