Tired Bones

The wood firing went well. I can't wait to see some of the students work. There were a couple of the ladies that owned this firing and they deserve to have their work blessed by the kiln Gods. Kass and Jenny pulled a 17 hour stoking shift. They also split wood all week and loaded the kiln. Sean was a good bull dog on firing day as he stuck with the wood splitting all day long providing the kiln with gourmet,range fed, organic wood. Other students stepped in for food and washroom breaks and brought food and good company. Of all the many things wood firing teaches one of the biggest is who ya can count on. Who will be there for you till the fat lady sings. I got nostalgic in thinking of the crew of friends that I had at USU that helped me deliver a firing for my grad show even though they had no pots in the kiln. It was about doing what needs to be done even when you don't have to.
We had a ritual after the firing which usually ended early morning before the administrators arrived to the smell of wood smoke. We would go to the local greasy spoon for a heart attack on a plate. I love restaurants where the women wear green outfits, call ya hun, are good at their jobs and don't pretend to just be doing this until they finish their Phd.
Sean grabbed a pic of me on the couch in front of the firebox.


Sean said…
Delicous pancakes! Thanks for the shout out Tony.
Bobby said…
it's really true how it weeds people out... good thoughts, tony. i'm jealous of your students!

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