Lichens, Lizards and Leopards

I can't lay claim to the catchy title. It came directly from my buddy Grass Hoppers invaluable book "{The Ceramic Spectrum". We have been playing around with a reticulated glaze by eyeballing colourants to throw in it and glaze some wall plates. We had some nice black and a sexy yellow. We hung them on the wall and I thought I'd take a pic tomorrow. They sold the same day we took them out of the kiln. So, I'm busy as a beaver throwing more plates so that we can be Capital A artists and make something that is absolutely not functional. Well, they will have a visual function but no serving the Thanksgiving mash potatoes on them.
Summer is ending and the fall shopping season seems to be under way. Sold some Christmas presents today!


Kari Weaver said…
Love those plates! I did some experimenting with a cone 6 reduction lichen glaze. Loved the results but haven't tried it on any of my pieces.
neha walia said…
amazing glazes i love it

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