At the beginning of every kiln cycle I make 4 teapots. I have found over the years that I need to circumcise the end of the spout. I maintain that 90% of my pots are purchased by women and they must prefer circumcision. Mine simply do not sell unless I attend to this detail. Must be something to do with the perceived notion of a dripping spout. A man should not have a dripping spout! Some potters seem to be able to make a good looking spout that is not cut but mine need the end lopped off. Not in the fashion of a John Wayne Bobbit( are you old enuff to remember that?) and do you sleep well at night after an argument with your partner?
I often wonder if it as painful for my spout as it looks for the young men back in the Middle East. Ouch!
P.S I cast my lugs so they are porcelain as I am able to buy a prepared casting slip.


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