BAC 35 years

The Burlington Arts Center is celebrating 35 years of collecting and exhibiting ceramics in Ontario. 35 potters were asked to create cups that will be sold to raise money to continue adding to the permanent collection. Here are some prototypes that I made today. Two piece cups- thrown cup form with added foot. The V is for victory.


Scott Garrett said…
Hi Tony. I love these cup forms, they have so much energy and life. Look forward to seeing the finished things. I wish i had your knowledge and skills.... still it's good to have over-ambitious targets!!
Anonymous said…
Hi Tony. It is Mary Ann. I came to visit you from Winnipeg not quite two years ago in Beamsville. I am working on two exhibitions - one only for women :) and the other to celebrate Canadian craft for the new gallery in ARTlab, School of Art. How can I get in touch with you? Your e-mail seems not to be working.

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