I give up!

I been accused of being a analog man living in a digital world. I like toggle switches in cars.  I like rotary phones, radios with knobs and a fishing tackle cash box. While at the Calgary airport waiting for my flight back to the Hammer I spotted Tom Wilson of Blackie and the Rodeo Kings. Tom is an icon musician around my hood so I went up and said hello. I then proceeded to pull out my laptop to let Sheila know I was on my way. He said what are you doing with that? When I told him he waved his Iphone and said "Hey man, you're fighting the inevitable! I do all my business with this. So this week I was dragged kicking and screaming into the 21st century. I have given up! I picked the sound of a train for my ring tone because I have always liked trains. Now to figure out how to stop the train from sounding in our bedroom at 1,2, 3, 4, 5 and 6am.  We're even talking about getting rid of our land line. Do you all remember the tick of a clock? I miss it!


gz said…
I phones can't do everything...a friend was having trouble getting graphics and images on his to show a friend the other day.

raindrop said…
Hey Tony, keep that landline! When Christchurch NZ was in the aftermath of it's huge earthquakes, all digital and cordless phones were useless and a call went out for the old plug in analog ones which were still working.
You can power OFF your iPhone. Hold down the button on the top right hand corner for about 20 seconds until a bar appears on the top of the screen that tells you to slide arrow to right to power off the phone. This is what you should do on the plane. Now the phone will not ring--nor un down the battery so fast!
mikpo said…
Sell you I-Phone. Get back to Life. Talk to People face to face. And screw Facebook. As Apple used to say: Think Different.

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