Teach to Learn

I have been lucky enuff to teach some of the best minds in the bizz. As some of you know we are planning on opening Pinecroft School of the Arts which is a continuation of a dream my aunt and uncle had some 65 years ago. I am lucky enough to be working with my cousin Brenda and her family and we are moving ahead. I needed some advice on trying to raise some funds for kilns, buildings, etc so I called on my former student Heidi McKenzie. Heidi has raised money for some of the biggest arts projects in the province. She is one amazing writer and did not disappoint in her advice to us. Here is a pic of Heidi running an idea past me and the turtles on the pond which is about how fast I process the information.


Anonymous said…
All the best in the world to you Tony and the good family at Pinecroft!
I think this was your calling!


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