We both have been making rolls for over 30 years. You can try one of Herm's rolls at my workshop at Pinecroft. He has been getting up at 6:30 each morning for thirty years to make fresh rolls for the Green Frog Tearoom. I get up later and make mine but often have to stay up later to fire them off. I fire mine a little hotter and a lot longer. I wonder how many rolls it would take to fill one of my casser-olls?


Bonnie Hotz said…
Those look delicious mm mmmmmmmmmmmmmm.
Bonnie Hotz said…
and the cassy rolls look mighty fine too!
hi! i discovered you (well maybe not the best way to put it) on the Ceramics Arts demo clip (from gads! April 2009). roman bowls. i fell in love with the technique and yesterday on my trip into the studio yesterday, i had to try it. though it failed miserably, i appreciate that as i try again and again, i'll be challenged to perfect my centering technique, improve control of wall thickness, and definitely will be working above my skill level to keep me constantly trying to approve. though the rolls look yummy, i sought out your blog to find more pics of your roman bowls in finished or close to finished form. can't wait until i can get back at it for another try.

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