Half an apple.

I once again raided the molds at Pinecroft. I had always loved the half an apple dish that I used to slip cast as a young man. This dish is still in use in The Green Frog Tearoom and for sale in the showroom. Cast in a white porcelain it is an attractive little dish. I decided to use the two halves as press molds for some little bud vases. I thought about making a porcelain leaf to put on it but that would be too literal. The one mold looked like a pilgrim bottle or flask so I put little lugs on the shoulders. I'm not sure I resolved the stand for these. I probably need to make some sort of a press mold to complete the look. Making individual pots is hard. It takes time to resolve things as it rarely happens on the first try.

Those little white rocks are pieces of feldspar a friend from Alberta gave me. He claims he has to get them in a rattle snake infested cave. That should make these very expensive!


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