My Aunt Cavvy

Today I resurrected the press mold my Aunt Cavvy made in 1947 while at MacDonald College in St. Anne de Bellevue in Quebec. This is where she met my Uncle Jimmie and the 47 year career in clay began. I celebrated her art work today by making some squirrely candelabras. There are many days I'd like to fire squirrels to Cone 10 in a wood kiln.


Bonnie said…
I love your squirrely candelabras - and your Uncle Jimmy and Aunt Cavvy are feeling the love. (you don't know me, but I really, really enjoy reading your posts) I do create pot tery.
Bruce said…
Those look terrific . . . and you seem to be having way to much fun. Enjoy the posts.
DropStitchChris said…
I LOVE them Tony...and I'll save up some squirrels from my yard for you....soon enough they'll come in handy;)

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