Waiting for Godot

This old building was erected to house an Olsen Fast Fire Wood Kiln we built at Pinecroft over 30 years ago. After the building was erected the kiln was never fired again. So after 30+ years of my meanderings I'm home to fill this old building with a big bourry firebox wood kiln. I have been scratching my head as to what name to give this new kiln. With the permission of my partners I'm putting forward the name "Jimmie". It is a tribute to my Uncle Jimmie who because of him my cousin Brenda and I are potters. Because of him so many have made a life in the arts. Not to ignore my Aunt Cavvy's contribution but Jimmie was the kiln, the fire , the work horse. I will be able to talk to him each firing when I spark the first match.


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