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Hey this workshop at Pinecroft Centre for the Arts is not until November.  I'm just so happy to have Harlan come out to do a workshop and I just had to share it with you. He doesn't do many workshops and will not do any in universities and colleges. Sheridan College being his only recent exception.  Reasons he will undoubtedly share with you on this amazing weekend. Harlan is one of our most decorated porcelain potters. His awards are for studio work, not teaching, not anything other than fine porcelain.  We're very pleased with how things are shaping up at Pinecroft. 

Making dishes for ourselves….A weekend workshop by Harlan House RCA

A weekend workshop for potters that want to make useful, beautiful dishes.
The weekend will be one of demonstration on some of the fine points of using
porcelain for the potter who cooks and eats and knows how to wash up

I have been making pots for almost 50 years, and while I still have lots to
learn, I am getting the hang of it most of the time. I will attempt to show
how to make the useful things we all need into works of art.

Most people in our modern world know all the fine points of a cell phone,
and show almost no interest in the fondling of a dinner plate rim. This is
a dilemma for potters who fondle rims quite regularly, and encourage others
to do the same. There is no app for that. But we lead by example, and
actually make dishes that we love to use.


Oh, how lucky the few are that will get to go to this workshop! Love the apple turned into the budvase, too! Clever.
Cyndi said…
I might try to get up your way to take this workshop. Sounds fantastic. I have been throwing with porcelain lately and am remembering how much I love it. Thanks, Tony, for all that you do in the ceramic community.

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