Monday, February 17, 2014

Pots from the Ratagama

I just took some quick shots with my I-phone of pots from the Ratagama. There is something about the surface of a 3 day wood firing that is unequaled by shorter firings.

We did do a reduction cool down to about 1550F.  I was thinking of going to 1400 but was just too tired. Hey Jordan at Sheridan notice how the slip( 70 ball/30 molochite) turned this dark brown. I quite like the contrast of the slip to the body. I have a stash of ATBall Clay from England that is high in iron that I think I might try next. Geez, if the pots is the person , no disguise is possible I'm wondering what these pots say about moi!


Jordan Scott said...

Love that slip, I think I be doing a lot of experimenting with it.


Vicki Hamilton said...

Crusty, rich, mysterious - these words might describe these pots, and you maybe!