Gathering my nuts!

I'm in the process of gathering my nuts for winter. Kind of a Christmas tradition to have roasted salty chestnuts washed down with a nice Newcastle Brown Ale. A friend told me to keep them in sawdust so that they don't go mouldy. There really is so much food around us that is really good for us and even tastes good. Hey on my run this morning I saw the heron twice and a hawk so it is supposed to be a good day. It isn't turning out so good as my trusty CRV has a rotten oil pan that they are having trouble getting off and I'm stuck at home gathering nuts.
This could hurt!


You sure those are the ones you can eat?
Dennis Allen said…
Rotten oil pan ! Good you caught it before the bottom dropped out and you blew the engine. It's still a lot of mugs.
Anonymous said…
Can you say slingshot !
Brian Grow said…
Can you say slingshot !
Anonymous said…
Hmmm... They do look like the toxic horse chestnuts rather than sweet chestnut. Sweet chestnuts always have a pointed tassel on the end.

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