Sunday, April 19, 2015


After that week of firing my internal clock is all messed up. I zonked out in the arms of my yellow chair for a few hours and went to the workshop to glaze some pots and try out my new tail. Annabelle gave me an entire deer tail. I wonder if he is missing it?
It took some getting used to using it and it dripped when I first gave it a charge of oxide. You have to commit and get the stroke done quickly. This actually suits me as I have no small motor skills at all. I had to resort to my favourite Ron Mello brush for the finer strokes.
I have never liked flat bottomed cups since they are boring to look at and all potters inspect the bottom of pots. I decorated the bottom of these cups and will use the wadding I made for the wood kiln and wad them in the gas firing. Yes, it is another few steps in the process but as I have said many times "It is what you do when you don't have to that makes good pots better. That's just another take on "God is in the details.

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Kirstin Davidson said...

Love this reminder (and the look of those pots). Thanks!