When a woman asks!

When a woman says I really like what you are doing but are you done yet? Boyzzzzzzzz, I know the answer! It means you’re not done and ya got another long arduous 3 to 4 minutes to put in.  In this case it took me longer than 3 minutes because the clay had got pretty hard.  I wasn’t done yet and by cutting a maple leaf hole in the side of the pot it gave another possible spot for an expert flower arranger to do something special. No, Doc Agel that expert is not you.
After our crit of the last wood firing at Pinecroft I got a phone call from one of the mentees saying she loved the critiques and gained so much from them but in the future she wanted to be more vocal and express herself. Well, Jen Drysdale the passive aggressive critique style seems to be working for you. Thanx for your phone call! I have learned more from teaching than most of all my other mistakes.
I also made a third vase, vaze, clay object and this time I extended the shoulders  which made it look really like a female with a V neck sweater.  Since these pots are destined for the anagama and trial by fire I figured my lady needed some protection.  I wrapped nature’s blanket around her shoulders

. I think she is the most successful of the three. Gee, it is amazing what can happen when ya work on an idea. MORE IDEAS!!!


Anne D said…
I love the wider opening and the shawl of leaves around the shoulders... lovely!
Vicki Hamilton said…
How tall are these objects, t? I can see them with lilies, lilacs, iris, some wild roses.....can't wait to see them after the fire.

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