A View from the Ivory Throne

I just repainted my lou Grilled Cheese yellow. I have a little magazine rack if you need something to read while nature takes it’s course. I have often found myself reading the ingredients in tooth paste and deodorant for something to do. I don’t  sit well and for very long. So I figure if ya forgot your glasses you need some art to look at. So you can sit and stare at my wall of shame. There is a colourful bowl from my flirtation with e-ware, a couple of Mary Bowron’s, notice the tiny Emma Smith coke spoon resting on top, there is my new Ronnie the Rat woodpecker, a hakeme brush from Peter’s valley and a Dylan Bowen plate from my trip to England last year to do the Potter’s Conference in Wales. Every piece in my house has it’s own story and a personal memory for me.
So if you turn to your right you will see a couple of old beautifully carved windows I bought while in China and if you turn to your left you will see my new shower curtain of little duckies. Robin and my grand daughter Julia are visiting for a couple of days and I needed a new shower curtain. I like these duckies and I am the decorator in my man cave so I can have whatever I like. Ya gotta stay young to grow old is my motto.

Hey Doc as soon as Julia is in La-la land I’m making Robin a Negroni and we’ll talk of love found and loves lost. One of the most amazing riches one can have is when your children become the best of friends.


Tom Wirt said…
I will forever be grateful you didn't look down.

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