I used to be indecisive

I used to be indecisive but now I'm not so sure! I have bought into less is more, understated is where it's at and now more is more. Excess is never enough. Kinda enjoying adding layers of surfaces from making marks in the clay, adding coloured slips, multiple glazes, brushwork, and sprinkled ash and soda ash all on one piece. With all this change in the pots has come a change in my house. The pot is the person, no disguise is possible. I enjoyed painting my bathroom Grilled Cheese Yellow and the door red. More than ever The Cactus Lounge expresses who I am. As I sat writing this I looked over at my birthday present of Outsider Art I bought myself in NC and thought holy shit I am becoming what I collect. I love this painting. There is not one spot on the image where your eyes can rest. I am perhaps one step closer to the asylum or as my mum used to call it "The Funny Farm".
Maybe I will create a Quiet Room with some of my favourite quiet understated pots. I think most of my house is a celebration of North America. Leach said we have no tap root. Ain't that great!!!!
We don't have a yolk around our necks. We are not bound by old traditions. It's like they sent us a kiln and forgot to include the instructions how to fire it. We don't know the rules so we aren't breaking any any. I have an appointment with the lawyer tomorrow.. I'm thinking paisley and plaid and my Husqvarna safety helmet and face shield.  The chain link chaps is probably carrying it a little too far.  


smartcat said…
If a little is good more is better!
Deba Sheesh said…
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