Pitter, platter let me atter!

Here are few of the large platters out of the last gas firing. I have another firing loaded and firing tonight. I’m hoping to get back making pots after I clean up the glazing mess of the last few days. I’m finding that temmoku over shino is giving me spectacular results. I have some of those large bacon holder jars in this firing so I am pretty excited to see the results.
One of the benefits of a small kiln is that you get to see results very quickly but when you make large platters and jars it seems to not provide much of a payload on unloading.

Leaving your glaze room in a mess is a bit like leaving dirty dishes in the sink. You have to get up in the morning to a mess. This is hardly inspirational but when the clock strikes 8 and you haven’t eaten yet it is OK to say see ya in the morning. I have put in a loooooong enough day.


Linda Starr said…
wow, some real beauties

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