My father was a cross dresser

Here is a picture of my Dad almost 100 years ago.  My grandfather a Church of England Chaplin and my grandmother both killed in WW 1. We think we have come so far with LGBTQI  issues. One hundred years ago in Britain little boys wore dresses until the age of 3 or 4. My dad was no exception. He also took on the maiden name of his mother as his middle name- Jon Cowie Clennell. Oh and if you think I misspelled John his was spelt Jon. We do owe our blue eyes to the Norse men that invaded Northern England. So the hyphenated name didn't just happen with the women's movement of the late 60's. It was what ya did in Northumberland, England a century ago. My Uncle Jimmie was James Proctor Cowie Clennell as he took on the maiden name of his mother and her mother.  These were men raised in the tough mining towns of Northumberland.  With this soft feminine side it's little wonder my dad could act, draw, and tell wonderful stories. My Uncle Jimmie spent his life time in the arts wearing a paisley cravat and sporting a pink woman's mohair hat. When you are born of tough mining stock no one dares question your manliness whatever that means.  Real men can wear pink mohair hats.


Anonymous said…
So now, being a spiffy dresser runs in the family!

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