Dear Mum

Happy Mother's Day mum and too all you mums out there.
I was alone with my pots this morning thinking about you. I wonder what you're thinking today of your wayward son. The son of your dreams. Your only boy of 3 to get a university education. I remember the day after graduating from not one but two Universities I told you I was going to be a potter. Not sure if the look was of horror, disappointment or bewilderment.  So much back tracking for you and Dad to do with the bragging to the neighbours.
So here I am 40 years later still working with my hands and not my head like you wanted so much for me to do.
While the kilns are firing this week I'm going to be making pots with my group of students. I thought today I should make some perfectly crafted pots like I need to show them all to do. Then I thought of you and I figured I needed one more time to yank your chain. I needed to go against conformity and what you expect "pot tree" to look like. That's how mum pronounced pottery.
Wish I had kept the t-shirt you bought me for my birthday that year- "Unemployed with dignity". Man that stung like a hornet.  But then again maybe you and Dad had me figured out all along. Tell me I can't do something and you know damn well I will find a way to do it.
I planted another clematis at the foot of your steel tree in my backyard today.
Well I better get back to unemployment. I have a lot to do for my class tomorrow.


I cried reading your writing, I had a sister and she's a mom now, wish her happiness on mother day today,
Anonymous said…
Read a quote by David Hockney recently, "I paint what I like, when I like, and where I like, with occasional nostalgic journeys."

Luckily like him, you followed your own path, good on you.
Anonymous said…
Every person has to live his or her own life and then make the choice to share it with other people.

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