I add, he subtracts!

My little house is full to overflowing with pots. Don't know how to stop this addiction of mine. I've got a lot of Ronnie the Rats, Bruce Cochrane and Bruce Dehnert top the list. If I had a couple I'd wish for it would be some potters that do subtraction well.  I'd like a whiskey cup by Lucien Koones, a serving tray by Micheal and Naomi of Bandana Pottery and I need a few more of Andrew's.
Emma Smith said yesterday when I showed my Oribe referenced meat trays  that Andrew and I must be on a twin wave length or something.
I add , Andrew subtracts. What he does so well is subtract clay. The trays are solid disks or solid shapes that he then carves out with a trimming tool. The stacked house is solid clay put in a press mould and carved out. Check out the round meat tray. At first you think it is a nice aggressive gesture with a rib. Look closer and you can see it is an aggressive trimming mark.
Most would neatly carve out the inside to make it look all neat and perfect. Andrew attacks the clay like gravedigger with a shovel. There is so much process revealed. Don't tell him this but he comes very close to the handling of clay that I love so much in Ronnie the Rat's work without the imagery.
NC Kat Jarosz said she wished she could be the teacher I described in my blog. Kat imagine Andrew has had Bruce Cochrane, Katrina Chaytor and Jen Allen as precision maker/ teachers and look at his work. They are great teachers to allow him to be him. The pot is the person, no disguise is possible.
The influence I had on him I apologize for.
Shane Norrie Contemporary has offered the two of us a show in 2019. I should be afraid of how far we will push each other. No actually, Shane should be afraid, very afraid!
Stacking house jar- press mould- subtraction 

gravedigger at work

meat tray

and you thought it was a rib! 

Andrew and Ronnie


Anonymous said…
And you be the chief Gravedigger Tony

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