Vessels for Flowers

On Saturday night after the unload of Cassius Clay I headed to Jerseyville to the opening of Vessels for Flowers(an exhibition of ceramics and florals)  at the gallery of my friend Emma Smith's.
On the same weekend The Hamilton Potters Guild were having their annual spring sale. There would be thousands of pots and thousands of people buying. This is a hugely successful show for the Guild members and proceeds are directed to education for it's members.
Emma Smith- small is beautiful

In contrast Vessels for Flowers had a selection of 12 potters of which I was lucky to be chosen as one. It is a lovely show and an intimate opening with nice finger food and wine.  The show can be seen on  Florals had been chosen for some of the pots and some stood
Bruce Cochrane- Stand alone beautiful.

This is the way I like to look at pots. I have space and time to look at the work. I think I have been a full service shopper all my life. You're probably not going to believe this but by Grade 8 I was having my pants tailor made. I spent my money on clothes and I liked and still do like individual attention. I don't shop at Costco, Walmart, No Frills or these big stores because I don't like the "pile em high and watch em fly" approach to marketing of any product. I would never even choose a pair of socks or  underwear from a pile.
Michelle Mendlowitz- colour complimenting colour.
Bruce Cochrane- purchased by Mr. and Mrs. K (who says potters don't buy pots?)

 Jen Drysdale jug- the vessel of my choice for flowers.
Emma is taking the High Road in the marketing of the work she sells. You can even buy a chocolate bar at Black and Smith Country General that is made from a chocolate making machine powered by a bicycle. Who cares???? Obviously the maker and me.
 When you make a decision early in your career to be a wood fire potter in the melting snows of Ontario where the winds will make you shiver you soon realize you had better focus on quality and not quantity.
On business days Emma or Jesse make you a damn fine cup of coffee so that you can take your time while shopping. It is what you do when you don't have to that builds a reputation. Lovely show Emma. You are smart beyond your years. Thank you for inviting me to be in such fine company.


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