Resist Ordinary

Meat tray

Pots with an edge

Man, I'd like to hold this pot!

Double and single fan.

I am a big fan of referenced work. Such a fan I think my favourite pots are the Oribe trays that reference fans and double fans. I set out to make some but I am one that thinks when you see someone’s work that you adore your should innovate and not imitate.  I did production pottery long enough I think I could almost imitate any straight forward form. 
I haven’t made much since I got home from Starworks. Seems like I’ve been firing, teaching and not getting back to the work I started at Starworks. I know I need to send Takuro and Hitomi a couple of whiskey cups. They have the same tradition as the Neely’s were you pick your own little cup out of a basket. It adds to the joy of the drinking experience. I’ll be the only one in the basket with a handle. Ya, me! Your cups are cooling in the wood kiln, my friends.
So I was thinking of the Shibata’s when I made these trays. I departed from the sushi tradition and made these for bacon donuts, pheasant with peach salsa covered cupcakes and chocolate croissants filled with mountain trout filets. You can tune a piano but you can’t tuna fish.
I love the edge of the Shibata’s pots. I wonder if my neighbours will love my pots for their donuts, cupcakes and croissants? A little too edgy I think.  That should stop me, shouldn’t it? 
I came to the conclusion long ago that I can’t make pots for everyone. There are only so many pots left in these hands so I will make what I like making. The line on my business card says “Choose Interesting!” “That’s interesting” usually means Holy Shit Martha what the hell is it?”. 

Let’s get out of here and buy something you know- ordinary!


smartcat said…
Resist Ordinary reminds me of that wonderful line from The Fantastiks, “Please God, please don’t let me be normal!”
Anonymous said…
Don't you love the way Shoppers like to figure out what you made a specific piece for. They can't stand it they say what would you use this for?. Answer would be you purchase it you can use it for whatever you want
Denise said…
One time at a pottery sale a lady picked up a rather large bowl and asked me..."what would you do with this", I told her "use it to scoop the snow out of your driveway"......she did not buy the bowl......
smokieclennell said…
Denise: I love your answer! Touche! T

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