Excess is never enough!

I'm in Italy where extreme decoration reigned supreme especially during the Renaissance period. I've been teaching here at La Meridiana now for a month. I have given a lot of demos mostly at the beginner/intermediate level. Mugs, bowls, cylinders, wall thickness, rim considerations and all that is so important for the building of a foundation for a career in ceramics. This week we did lids and galleries with a start on teapots. Teapots are very difficult as they must look good and they must work.
I think my mind was ready to explode with a need to make something for myself. Fridays and Saturdays are a day when the teacher can play. I made this teapot which is probably more a sculpture than a teapot.
Teapot on trivet and Big Roll.


greens, avocado, cheese, walnuts, apple, some ham and lots of olive oil and balsamic vinegar

Nectar of the Gods

We eat so well at lunch I usually make a salad for supper. But like all Italians I put olive oil on almost everything. I am thinking about using it as a body oil in the shower, an oil to give my hair some shine  and perhaps to  rub on my sore feet. Here they put it on bread, on top of soup, on top of pasta, meat and you name it. One night Giovanni made a beautiful meal and used 3 different types of olive oil. I had no idea there was a noticeable difference.


Linda Starr said…
some places even have olive bars to taste test olive oil; there are several here in Georgia because they found olive trees will grow here, not just in California. Your teapot trivet makes me think of some type of a trivet with a spot for a candle to be placed underneath to keep the tea water hot
Anonymous said…
Less is more? Doesn't hold when looking at these beauties!

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