The Kiss

We went on Saturday to a lovely organic winery named Il Bacio (The Kiss). What a great name for a winery. People at home buy wines all the time because they like the name or the label. Fat Bastard, Bitch,  Le Vin de Merde (wine of shit), Frog's Piss, and Cat's Pee on a Gooseberry Bush. None of those names would appeal to my wanting to buy the wine much less drink it. Piss and shit are nothing I'd like to taste and I don't think it would pare well with anything. You could feed it to the chickens as they are known to eat their own excrement.
The Kiss though is quite romantic and I must admit to being a hopeless romantic. What artists aren't?
Our resident artist and assistant cook Susanna Rigon here at La Meridiana creates the labels for Il Bacio. Ben fatto, Susi!
We had a tour of the cellar and a private wine tasting with the owner Franco. We started with a Chianti without food and it was very nice however we then were served what Tuscan cooking is famous for- Acid, salt, fat and heat. The bread was smothered in their organic olive oil and a pinch of salt which is to die for delicious, there was cheese(more fat and salt), salami (fat and salt) and chocolate(fat and salt). The chocolate was saved for their big red- merlot. So to enjoy the food you need some acid- the delicious Il Bacio red wines.
We left the winery to go to Claudia's house where her husband Giovanni made a delicious meal of black greens-  kale, white beans, garlic served on bread and smothered in olive oil. That could have been a main course. I could live on soups. He then dished out his world famous spaghetti with tomato sauce from the tomatoes of their garden. Olives from their trees and oh did I mention more garlic. Bon cibo! Good eats!!!!
Il Bacio- the original paintings by Susanna Rigon
Fat, salt, and more fat and salt

The two Ozzies from the Penal Colony. Once convicts always convicts- Andrew and Susie


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