5 days in

Dear Ghost:
This is my 5th day into these jars. The gallery on the jars is rather easy. Just throw a collar and add it to the jar. Sectional throwing is a easy way of making an articulated vessel with not much effort. I do find making a sketch before hand helps me plan the form. I have done 6 additions plus the lid and handles. They have been slow going but with slow drying and hopefully an easy bisque firing I'll have some jars that ought to fetch somewhere in the $5-600 range.


Otto Wenger said…
Those are exciting pots Tony. They look like something an interior designer would snap up. I cant wait to see the finished items! Are you going to glaze them?
FetishGhost said…
I had to have my kids kick me... For some reason it hadn't crossed my mind to alter the form so much before adding a thrown collar to the stiffening canister.
Forehead slap.

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