Back to school

It was my first day back at Sheridan on Tuesday. My mission is to help the third years get ready for their swan song solo show at the Gardiner Ceramic Museum in Toronto. Besides glaze, plaster and kiln rooms each of the three years have their own separate spaces. Creativity abounds everywhere you turn. As I walked in there was a room full of 3 or 4 foot tall ceramic figures that the 1st years had just completed as a final project before Xmas. I had to go in an see what my 2ND years of the fall semester had been up to in the throwing class. Here was a giant historical jar made by one of the students using the coil and throw method. Then upstairs where I'll be working with the 3rd years I liked these little cups made from a black clay with porcelain press molded handles. I'll do a feature on each third year in the coming weeks. So I started school on Tuesday and there was a strike vote on the Wednesday with a 57% vote in favour.I'm hoping it is just sabre rattling.


Linda Starr said…
Wow some wonderful work, looking forward to the features. Is the clay actually black on those cups, I 've been working with cassius basaltic but would love to find a different black clay since cassius is temperamental. I guess I could color my own.

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