$7.50 a hole

We run a small tourist pottery studio and we can't make a living making jars that sell in the hundreds of dollars. I have to pay to play so today I threw some plates. The smaller square plates I used to make as a side plate for dinnerware that sold for $30 and then I got smart and poked two holes in the foot ring and hung them on the wall and charged $45 for them. A wee piece of art that ya don't need to take to the framing shop and spend $150 on a frame. I did the same with my dinner plates that sold for $50. With two holes in the foot ring they are $65. The round plates that I threw will be cut square and the decoration is paper resist with the local red clay called Queenston shale poured over top. It melts thru the shino to give the most beautiful persimmon/kaki type glaze.
I forgot to show ya that I use Saran Wrap between the lid and the gallery so I can push the lid into shape to dry in the vessel.


John Post said…
Hi Tony,

I'm really enjoying this series of blog posts about what you are working on in your studio. The big vessels are stunning.

If you're getting $7.50 a hole, maybe you should start making some sieves;)
klineola said…
digging the square plates!
Anonymous said…
Don't stop posting such themes. I like to read blogs like that. BTW add some pics :)
Kelly Moen said…
Great Idea on the holes. I have just come from your web site too, Very nice, I am glad I found a new source of inspiration to pull from
Anonymous said…
Tony, when are you going to show us some pictures of the finised plates?

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