Selling My Body

When ya got a hot body everybody wants a piece of it. Sheila and I have developed a clay body that we use for high fire shino and in our wood kiln. The clay is a high iron stoneware body coloured with yellow iron so it has a yellow appearance in the green stage. I find yellow iron to be less messy than RI0 with similar results. The beauty of this clay is that it has great green strength and throws well. We can throw it, stick out in the sun, trim it and handle it and back out in the sun it goes. You don't have to cover it in bedsheets, plastic and sit around for 2 days singing Cumbaya while sitting in the Lotus position while it dries. A few of the local potters tried it and wanted the recipe. PSH in Oakville is making it and it is now available as an in house body. Yes, it was named Smokies Hot Bod after yours truly. Photo credit of the bearded me goes to my old buddy potter Eric Lindgren. His hands couldn't stop trembling.


Alex Solla said…
After seeing that picture Tony, I think I am gonna need therapy. Or eye bleach.
FetishGhost said…
Well, if the clay doesn't sell,at least you have a bright future as an underwear model!
Just kidding... sounds great but the freight would be a bit steep. Maybe you could license the recipe out somewhere out here on the west coast too.
Anonymous said…

You are a riot! Can we buy your body in Edmonton ? We are tired of singing Cumbaya. Yasmin and Richard.
Vicki Hamilton said…
Cumbaya, my foot! Tony, this is priceless. I, too, love a rich claybody. I'm almost down to using only the Bruning clay I used at MISSA. Just delicious.
Anonymous said…
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