The Arrival of the Queen

Queen Ava my grand daughter arrived for the weekend so all work pretty well stops around here with plans for special meals, security, activities, etc, etc. I managed to make a couple of hand built pieces in the studio. I mixed some ground up walnut shells (used in place of sand for sand blasting) and some big chunks of feldspar that Richard Selfridge sent me from The West. The walnut shells will burn out of course to leave a nice pock marked surface and the feldspar will melt into pimples that want to be squeezed. Hey who said I majored in Marketing for my undergraduate degree?
Ava wearing the outfit I bought her in China in 2007. It just now fits her. Don't send a guy to buy clothes for a baby.


FetishGhost said…
Honk'n big feldspar chips!
I like the outfit too, but I guess that was your point.

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