Italian Ferrari

Yesterday Pietro started the Ferrari up at 5:30 in the morning. When I walked down to the kiln at 8:30am it had already hit 1000 C. He handed the keys over to a couple of Canadian drivers and by the end of my shift at 4 pm we were limping to the finish line at 1205 C with Cone 8 down and each degree a struggle. Pietro the Italian stallion took over at 4pm and had the car racing to the finish line with Cone 10 flat in the first and second chambers by 6pm. Italians like their cars fast and they also like their vino. The second chamber was soda fired using hot water and Chianti as a solution. Tomorrow we'll see what the trophies look like.
Will we want drive a fast car again or go home to our slow but dependable Subaru. Today is our rest day to go sight seeing and it is pouring rain.


Anonymous said…
Well, it looks you all had a great time!
The blogs have been very entertaining, and informative as well. Sheridan actually survived without you, for the time being.
Congrats to Janet, the right choice! Sometimes it is too bad that all that fun you are having there has to end, but hey! Reality comes back to bite you in the butt, and it is back home you must go!!
Thanks for keeping us informed!


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