Medalta- The Rebuilding

My Uncle Jimmie is smiling down from heaven on the job they have done with the restoration of Medalta. His stories of men covered in red lead, German spies and Jock the thrower whirled thru my mind. Jock would only throw 600 ginger beer bottles a day- not one more and not one less. The beehive kilns are soooooooooo beautiful and one is attached to the main offices and will be converted into a gallery. Imagine a wood fire show in a bee hive kiln. Les and Aaron if you're reading me please include me in that show.
They even have a concert stage where a musician had launched his new CD. They are going to cover the whole courtyard to have a space where concerts and events can be hosted. It all started with pots that people needed for storage. I tell students today that I don't make anything that anyone needs. They want what we make but they don't need it.


Dan Finnegan said…
I think that "need" is a slippery may be that we don't need handmade pots for our porridge anymore, but we might need them for our soul!?
Mr. Young said…
I agree with you Dan!

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