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Here is a pic of me, Steve and Lise the Potters. Steve says that Sheila and I are responsible for his economic downfall by encouraging him to be a full time studio potter. He went out and bought a sleazy used car salesman hat while I bought the hat of hats - a Borsalino. There goes the profit from this workshop... Now I have to work on Steve's taste in fashion. Perhaps our next workshop should be in the fashion capital of Italy- Milano.
We went to the lovely village of Volterre where there is an Etruscan Museum. My pics don't do the place justice. It was full of great pots that provide reference for much of the work that we do. It really was a 'Handle Museum" with soooooo many great examples of handles. I have always enjoyed European pots more than Asian pots because of the handle. The handle for me is what can make an ordinary pot- extraordinary.


Dan Finnegan said…
Amen to your European pottery/handle statement. And thanks for the peek into that lovely spot on the globe. and I want your hat!
John Post said…

That hat is you! It fits your face and head perfectly.

Tell Steve he needs to join the village people if he is going to wear his hat out in public:)

Anonymous said…
Amazing handles, awesome looking pots ..... and that hat ! It's a great look on you Tony. I've enjoyed checking in on you guys daily, what a place...the food looks amazing, and it sounds like everyone is having a blast! Maybe next year!
cheers, linda
Togeika said…
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Togeika said…
Not the strongest handles I've seen. My interests in Western pottery has me looking at earthenware. Specifically, pottery in Ireland. It was often similar to the imported Devon and French utilitarian ware.

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