A glorious day

We couldn't have asked for a more beautiful sunny cool November day to do a raku workshop at Pinecroft with Reid Flock. I was interested in having Reid present his firing techniques since seeing his show at the Burlington Art Center. The work I saw there was very much like the reduction cool wood fired effects I had lusted for at Utah State. So 13 people gathered at the workshop overlooking the pond and we fired a bunch of pots. Much to Reid's horror the glaze application presented the most beautiful gasoline  in water lustrous red copper, and iridescent blues that everyone in the world lusts for. We laughed on the way home and I assured him that pots he fired sent 13 people away happy.
 The bright glitzy surfaces are very intoxicating and I understand why people drink them up like shooters at a stag and doe.  The dark somber colours are an acquired taste like a top shelf bourbon or a fine single malt. I wish I could afford better bourbon.


Anonymous said…
IT was a great day!
Pinecroft, I finally got to see where all of those boyhood stories came from, and now I can understand your connection to the place!
A presence was felt, a connection, traditional and current trends was all around us.
Yes it was a great day, Thank you Tony, Reid, Brenda, Paul, it was great to be there!

gz said…
there is nothing better than a group firing of any sort!

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