Snakes in the studio

On Thursday I was teaching the students to make thrown spouts. We then went off on to slab spouts and pulled spouts to hollow out. This morning  I tried 5 of what I'm calling a cobra spout . Getting the length right was a bit of an issue for me. Practice, practice, practice. I don't know if these are teapots or coffee pots. I also don't know if they are going to work or whether they will lean in the firing . If they don't work  they are ART and I will charge more.


Unknown said…
Brilliant!... I'm getting very good at making art Tony. In fact i probably have a kiln load of art just about to switch off!
June Perry said…
Thanks for my first big, laugh of the day. My husband Jim, when I read him your offering today, called it "pragmatic genius!". Still laughing!

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