Be still my heart

This post was going to wait till I got home from Pinecroft on Wednesday but I am too excited! I made these plates today and thought  who other than me would put handles on plates. I then wondered down the street to Locke Street to an antique store that always gets some killer ceramics. I saw this  18th century English pedestal bowl that stopped my heart. This person loves handles as much as I do and they're better at it. Dear Santa this bowl loves me and  I love it! It's only $160. I would care for it and caress it's handles nightly. There is bourbon and Amish cheese on the table Christmas Eve. I have been a good boy. Well, with a few minor indiscretions and wanderings off the path.


Dan Finnegan said…
I, too, am a man who puts handles on plates. I 'll post one.
Tony, theses plates look great. I can't wait to see them fired. Maybe Santa will hear your wish. Better send him a note soon, just to make sure.

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