Old Yeller

I'm back throwing my stoneware clay "Smokie's Hot Bod". Yeah, I named it! Feels good to throw a clay with some sand in it to give it some backbone. Micheal Cardew one of my favourite philosopher/potters said " a handle should have a backbone'. With these double pulled handles I then went back and pinched them to form the backbone. I like leaving marks of process in the clay. If you look closely you can see my thumb nail marks. A handsome glaze will show that off.
I have trouble with platters come winter with the rims drying quickly and splitting. I use these rings to set on top. It keeps the rim from lifting and slows the drying. For students on a budget I tell them to use the tops of their pizza boxes and cut a hole in the middle. Don't worry the platters will be receiving handles in the morn.


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