Slippery Commute

Here is my morning commute at Pinecroft from the morning Jo to the studio. It had about 50 Canada geese on it this morning. That means one hellava lot of poop. That means slippin' and slidin'! I made some teabowls today from the clay made by Hermie the light weight our number one clay maker. This clays was soooooooooo short and so bad it is great! Try to get those nice nasty edges with prepared clay. Hamada once said a bad clay takes 7 years to learn how to throw and a good clay takes a life time. I'm  going to stick with Herm's clay. Bad means good as I was told by a big guy at the New Orleans Jazz and Blues Festival. A guy came on stage Ernie K. Doe. Everyone went nuts! I said who is that! This big guy beside me said Ernie K. Doe is the baddest singer alive! I said " He's really thatnbad?" He answered "No, bad is good!"
For those that don't know Ernie K. Doe had a hit in 1961 with "Mother in Law".


imagine said…
Now that's what I call a foot ring.

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