Cookie Jars

When you spend the summer working in a studio with non stop visitors with all the stupid questions you start to second guess what is coming. I made these 8 lb jars and thought oh god they will ask what can I use it for? Well I ain't going to write cookies on them so I figured I'll turn them into teapots and then they will get it. Yesterday while I was putting them together they kept asking if you could actually put tea in them?
I rarely put overhead clay handles on teapots but I tried fooling around springing them off key. It is kinda like building an arch. I guess with the kilns and pizza ovens I've been involved in this past 3 months it was bound to creep into my work.
This is that pink porcelain I have been using. I hope the support for the arch holds up on the handle.


Colleen said…
lol, it'd be worth the airfare to fly down there and ask you some 'stupid questions'
Dennis Allen said…
After looking at my "coffee" mugs last week, a guy asked if I had any for tea. It's always something.
smartcat said…
I'm sure all potters have been asked countless times if a mug, pitcher etc. could have flowers in it. The temptation to say, "No, you make a contract with me to use it only for what the stated purpose is." But I don't, because most customers don't think before they ask.
Anonymous said…
wow 8 lbs? the way you throw and expand things you can probably wash that towel in the picture it it when not using it for tea. ;-)


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