Be narrow!

I was intrigued by the story of the Hiut Denim Company in Wales. Here is a quote from their website:
"The things that define you are not just the things that you do, but the things you say no to. Saying no is focus. We only make jeans. We say no to anything else. Be narrow. Be good.
The company has married being a Luddite(making things by hand) and being a geek. You can record the history of your jeans for posterity thru a registered # and their website.
They only make jeans but they are the very best jeans they can. Is this not the role model that we as potters should follow? Be narrow!!!!!!! I remember when I went to Wales to study with Mick Casson and he asked me what I made. I rhymed off a list of things numbering in the dozens. He just about peed himself with laughter. Mick made jugs!!! I remember filling his two chambered wood kiln with over 150 jugs. No bowls, no plates, no teapots- JUGS! Is it any wonder that Mick was known the world over for his jugs???????
Go on their webpage and read the story htttp://
They also give a plug for other makers that think narrow. A knife maker in Manhattan- loved his story too!
So the next time a customer asks you to make a cup for a friend with a big nose- just say NO!


Carolyn F said…
Thank you Tony! This is something I'm struggling with right now. So far, so good.

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